What is "TWOGIL"?

TWOGIL stands for "The Word Of God Is Life". It is a ministry focused on diving deeper into God's Word. Each week, Tiffani will lead you through God's Word and the stories found in it to better understand God's love and plan for each of us.

The basic setup will be like this:

  • Fridays @7pm (EST) a new video will be published to the TWOGIL YouTube channel.
  • Each video will take you through a story in the Word of God and you will learn how to apply it to your current life.
  • Once a month, on a Friday evening at 7 pm (EST), we will have a LIVE study hall session where all of your questions will be answered from the Word of God. We will also be able to discuss the Bible stories for the month together. I sincerely ask for your prayers.

Access all areas

By signing up, you'll get access to the entire archive of everything that's been published before and everything still to come. Your very own private Bible Study Guide Library.

New Bible lessons every Friday

Every Friday morning, at 7 am EST, a new Bible study guide will be sent straight to your email inbox! This Bible study guide will go hand-in-hand with the YouTube Bible study lesson that will go live on Friday evening. No more worrying about how to study God's Word. We will do it together.

Let's go deeper into God's Word!